September 21, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

If you think you've clicked on the wrong link because this week looks awfully familiar, you haven't. I haven't had much of an appetite at dinner time so I've just been cooking something for DD and going to bed with a glass of milk. The meal I have starred as a family favorite will have the recipe posted tomorrow. It's difficult for me to write out a lot of the recipes that have been handed down as most, if not all, don't really have specific measurements for things. You just kind of figure it out as you make and tweak it a little each time.


Tuesday--Grilled cheese.

Wednesday--Creamy crock pot chicken thighs, rice and broccoli.

Thursday--Breakfast for dinner.

Friday-Roast chicken, German potato salad.

Saturday--**Family Favorite** Rouladen, with noodles.



  1. I thought it was deja vu. Ha, you fooled me. :D Thanks for sharing the rouladen recipe!! Have a great week!!

  2. like the sound of that crock pot. i might nip round yours for dinner some time ;)

  3. Hey there--thanks for stopping by my blog, and for outing yourself as a UGA fan. I kinda love my Bulldogs!

    Now I have to go and read through some of your recipes...and then make my grocery list...I love new stuff. Especially German stuff...

  4. First of all, do you know this kuntharajan person? BC his comment if you don't know him is a bit creepy...just sayin...and I'm hoping it's a joke. I will not go there and clcisk (sic) his ads if you do not know him. :)
    Anywho...breakfast for dinner...loves. Must do that soon. You are so much more planned out than me!