September 9, 2008

The Case of the Missing Trashcan

We live on a tiny little road with 4 other houses on it. We take our trash to the main road and it sits in a little homemade trashcan holder (some 2x4's nailed together). Since my DH has been working out of town, I typically leave our 2 trashcans in their little holder and then just take a trash bag up to the road when I need to. Much easier than shoving a stinky trashcan into the back of an suv. Anyways, last week I noticed only one of our trashcans by the road. We have a "C" spray painted on the cans to avoid this situation of someone taking it lol. I thought maybe someone drove by, decided they needed a trashcan and refused to buy one, so they just took ours. Ok fine, cheap ass LOL. So trash day comes and guess what?! Our missing trash can has appeared. Hmm, now me thinks it's our new neighbors who took the trashcan. So I thought ok, they just moved in and needed an extra can, no problem. Well at the end of trash day, the can is missing again. WTF? Apparently our new neighbors do not understand the trash cans by the road belong to people. So now I'm sick and stalking the garbage men. Waiting for them to get the trash so I can haul butt up to the road and get my trash cans safely back to the house. Fun times!


  1. Can you please send your neighbors to my house as you suggested? What the hell with the stealing your trash can, really? Thats nuts...did they just move out of some non-civilized society where people don't realize if it's on your property it belongs to you? CRAZY!

  2. Hi Tina: Got your name from Southern Plate and was wondering if you would like two bottles of Country Bobs to try and blog on. If so Please email me your name and address to Thanks so very much! Al Malekovic

  3. Sorry that you have to deal with that. Can you call the trash company and ask them to get you a new one? I wonder if you have to pay. Hmm.. Maybe order one for your neighbor so you can get yours back. How weird is that? Stealing trash can!

    -Amy @ The Q Family