September 14, 2008

Father's Rights

I know I'm a "mommy" blog, but this is something I was thinking about today. What should a father's right be? Where is the line drawn?

I heard today's society referred to as being "schizophrenic" when it comes to the rights of fathers. At first I was a little puzzled, but the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. We want dad's to pay child support, even if when the baby is first born, he says he's not interested in being a father. He goes to court and is subsequently slapped with a payment amount. Yes, I agree this to some extent is fair. However, when a mother maybe decides to give up a child for adoption or even decides she wants an abortion, where does the father's right enter into play?

The mother is carrying the baby, I understand; however, that baby is 1/2 the father's too. Personally, I just think it should be a joint decision, or at least one that is discussed. Not where the mother goes and makes a decision on her own without involving the father.

What are your thoughts on this?

How much rights does a father have?


  1. its always a difficult one this. things always seem to be sided with the mom, but i guess until we are in that situation we cant imagine what it would be like for them.

    hey thanks for stopping by mine and pinching my badge lol. i stole yours too and blogrolled you as well ;)

    us tina's and virgos must stick together cause we rock lol! x

  2. Wow...tough one. I have a friend who became a dad for the first time recently at 45. He is no longer involved with the mother, nor were they ever really serious. He did the right thing and stepped up to his responsiblity, signing away his life for the next 18 years to support her and be a good co-parent to the mom who is on very friendly terms with.

    I think he is such the exception to the rule that it makes it difficult to say what rights the dad has. In a perfect world, it's all equal but we all know the mother bears the brunt of the responsiblity for the rest of her life. Until we see more guys like my friend step up, it's so hard to make a call either way.

    How's that for a firm seat on the fence?