September 1, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

When you read this week's menu, you may have a case of deja vu. The hubby is back in town for a few weeks, so it'll be easier to stick to my menu, instead of eating cereal for dinner when I didn't feel like cooking.

Monday--leftover chicken n dumplings.
Tuesday--Goulash, egg noodles.
Wednesday--going out for my birthday dinner.
Thursday (Happy Birthday to me)--Kielbasa pasta, garlic bread.
Saturday--baked chicken ziti, cheese biscuits.
Sunday--Asian Pork Tenderloin, jasmine rice, zucchini.


  1. Oh and I tried the button again - the code is still a little screwy...I checked it, at the very end of the code it says src="REPLACE WITH IMG URL"/ - that's where you need to put the url where you host your button image. That should fix it :)

  2. You have a great menu! Have a fabulous week!


  3. Hi thanks for stopping by my site and displaying my button. Are you going to be posting your recipe for the asian pork tenderloin? its sound so good. I menu plan as well and i love it.