August 20, 2008

Paper Plates

Have you seen the commercial for the Dixie paper plates? The one where all the moms are telling you why they use paper plates.

Yes, I use paper plates. I use them sometimes out of convenience , nothing more. I don't buy for one second that people actually use paper plates to "spend more time with their family". Really?! Come on. It doesn't take that long to wash plates by hand or if you have a dishwasher to throw them in there. You may be missing, what, 5-10 minutes? Even then, you're not cut off to the outside world, you're doing freaking DISHES.

Ugh! I know the company wants you to buy their products, but come on, use a little better reason when you're trying to pitch it to people.


  1. I actually think paper plates would promote the opposite. Something less formal and less breakable would send us to different corners of the house to eat. Not to mention outside....

  2. LOL, I was so rolling my eyes at that commercial. :oP