August 19, 2008

The Coupon Game

After reading quite a few blogs that talked about how much you can save with coupons etc, I have become intrigued. So last week and this week I clipped the coupons that come with the Sunday paper as well as the coupons in the Walgreen's ad.

Today I went to Walgreen's, and as a newbie to all this coupon galore, I think I did pretty well. I spent $8.42 and this is what I got:

2 Sharpies @ .39/piece--store coupon
Heavy Duty Forks @ .39--store coupon
Hydrogen Peroxide @ . 39--store coupon
Barbasol Shaving Cream @ .99--store coupon
Papermate Pens @ .09
Invisible Tape @ .39--store coupon
Bubble Mailer @ .39--store coupon
Dixie Paper Plates @ 2/3.79 and a .35 MC

Not bad I think for a first-timer :)

1 comment:

  1. That's not bad at all! I need to look up some of my coupon sites for you; you can preview the coupons in the upcoming Sunday paper and print them out. Pretty fun stuff.