August 23, 2010

Stella and Blue

On Friday I was thinking this weekend would be like any other. Do some chores around the house, run some errands, spend time with mini-me and my sweetie. My mother went to the beach this weekend, so that meant on top of running after my brood of 6 dogs, I also had to go by her house to feed and check on her 3 dogs. Really no biggie. Saturday morning the 3 of us head over so I could check on them and give them a cookie (ever loved Milk-Bone). To my surprise, my mother's electric gate was wide open. I start worrying already and see no dogs anywhere. We pull up to the garage and out comes Speedy, 1 dog, check. Then Dawn comes running, 2 dogs, check. Hmm where is Stella? I yell and yell, walk all around the house and backyard in the awesome Georgia heat and humidity to no avail. Stella is MIA. So I tell my sweetie let's go drive down the road and see if we see her (and hoping we see her running down the road, not the other way to find her on the road). We do this and still, no sight of Stella. So I call the pound to see if they happen to have her, and thank goodness they do. I go bail Stella out of doggie jail and we take her back to our house so Blue (our lab/shepherd mix) can have a play date. Stella is 14 months old and Blue is right at a year so they would be perfect for each other. My sweetie fills up Blue's kiddie pool, yes Blue loves her pool and before we know it (with a little coaxing) Stella is laying in the pool with Blue. I think all they were missing was a nice margarita or a drink with a little umbrella in it :)

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