August 24, 2010


I saw this on Open Seven Days a Week. Closed Sundays blog and thought I would share it because it is very true.

We should thank the friends that:
  • made promises that they didn't keep
  • broke our plans or stood us up because something better came along
  • abandoned us every time she got a new boyfriend
  • excluded us when planning a girl's spa weekend, or a ladies' night out, or choosing her bridesmaids
  • smiled in our face, then stabbed us in the back
  • sneaked around behind our back to date our ex
  • provided plenty of backhanded compliments, and loved to tell us all the nasty things other people said about us
  • continually hijacked the conversation to talk about her life and her problems, but changed the subject when we needed to vent
  • told us they'd be there for us, but made themselves scarce just when we needed them most
  • conveniently forgot when she owed us money, or when it was her turn to pay
Because without them, we wouldn't have learned to appreciate the friends who:
  • went out of their way to be helpful in times of need
  • looked out for us when we couldn't look out for ourselves
  • always treated us the same, in happy and unhappy times
  • always pointed out what was best for us
  • were always sympathetic when the chips were down
  • were the first to rejoice at our good fortune
  • stood up for us and stopped others who spoke against us
  • always gave more than they needed to
And without them, we wouldn't have learned that:
  • a good friend is worth more than all the world's purest gold, platinum and rhodium combined
  • in order to have a good friend, you need to first be a good friend
"Good friends are hard to find, harder to leave, and impossible to forget." - unknown

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