August 26, 2010

In Love With A.....

Vacuum?! Yes, it has happened again. I guess I have some sort of vacuum fetish (hey, don't get any ideas, this isn't that type of blog lol).

My first love was the Dyson Animal. Oh the times we had together. From leaving the awesome vacuum lines in the carpet at one house, to being able to go between area rugs and hardwood floors in the house now in a blink of an eye. All the while never getting clogged up and picking up the dog hair marvelously. Well after about 5 or 6 years, my beloved Dyson is beginning to fade. The motor is giving out for the carpets and personally, I'm not going to use 2 vacuums to vacuum the house, it cheapens the chore altogether. Since I'm a little tight on money or *cough* broke, buying a new vacuum is not an option. So, I ask my mom if she still has her old Rainbow vacuum. The Rainbow is a canister vs. the Dyson being an upright. So I pick up my mom's Rainbow yesterday and despite the dust it had on it (from sitting out in the work garage), it still worked great. I remember my mom using this vacuum the whole time while I was growing up. When I used it yesterday I thought I had figured out why my mom only vacuumed once a week back then. The little Rainbow is a heavy bugger. I was out of breath and could feel my arms burning a little, odd since I vacuum on a daily basis. So I call my mom and tell her my epiphany about her vacuuming habits from back-in-the-day. Her response? "No, I only vacuumed once a week because I wanted too." Oh, so much for that theory. I was in awe at how much stuff the Rainbow vacuumed up. There's something fulfilling when you empty the canister and see what it no longer in your carpets or on your floor anymore. So while I won't be able to afford to buy a new Rainbow, I can have my little tryst with it while it's in my possession.

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  1. oh my gosh, it IS thrilling to see all the junk that's been picked up, isn't it? lol I'm always amazed!