January 4, 2009

Well I Have Succumb To Twilight

This feels strange to me for some reason. I guess it's because I didn't get into the whole Harry Potter thing, never read the books or watched the movies. Not really my thing. Then when everyone started making a big deal about Twilight and Edward I just shrugged it off, thinking I wasn't missing anything if I never read the books or saw the movie. Well on Wednesday DH and I went to see the movie. He was not impressed, but I was enthralled. I had to read the books. It didn't help any that my best friend is in love with the series so she pushed away any doubt I had about reading the books. Twilight I finished in oh, about a day and a half. Then on Friday, my friend and a few others went and saw the movie, again. For me to see any movie more than once means something, I was hooked. My friend let me borrow New Moon and I finished that one in a day. It's like I couldn't find a place to stop at and put the book down. This afternoon I will be buying the other two books so I can finish and know what finally happens. As much as I tried to stay away from this series, the more it seemed to suck me in. Oh well, obsessions are wonderful sometimes.

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  1. I like your blog! You're not the only one...I succumbed in May and have been obsessed ever since. Seriously, it's like crack! I recently created a blog around it, for fun.