October 26, 2008

Bloggers Anonymous

Thanks to Trisha at MomDot, I think I may need a 12-step program for blogging lol.

You may need Bloggers Anonymous if you  (by trisha)

1) You start referring to your blogging buddies in conversations with your RL friends and assume they know who you are talking about “Oh, let me tell you what Tena said today” “kim did the funniest thing”

2) You tweet, kirtsy, stumble upon, diggplurk, myspace, ning, and facebook all day long….and still have time to set your posts

3) You stalk your stats more then once a day

4) You get excited when 2 people comment on a post and if more then 5 do, you start to hyperventilate

5) You play more then one MEME a week

6) You have more then 3 blogs…one for reviews, one for family, and one to talk about your family (and they dont know about it)

7) your a closet blog hater with the “big” bloggers

8 ) You have ever talked to a blogger on the phone-that you have never met

9) You are already planning your vacation to BlogHer 09

10) You are secretly happy when something dramatic happens during the day so you can blog it

11) You know where all the major graphic sites are online (istockphoto)

12) You have figured out enough HTML to add a blog banner to your page and damn, are you proud

13) You have given advice to ANOTHER blogger on how to blog

14) You think statements like “Blog You” are funny

15) You break out in hives if you have to change hosters and a template change is a SERIOUS decision

16) When one of your kids has broken into your makeup/fridge/cabinet/underwear drawer, instead of removing them from the situation, you grab the camera to document it for your blog

17) You get excited when someone links your blog on their blogroll

18) You think your cool if your entrecard costs more then 125 points

19) You get more then 2 packages a week in the mail and your child is starting to think the post man is Santa Claus

20) Instead of buying a new product, you ask for a “review” from the company

If you qualify for more then 10 of these, you can take our Bloggers Anonymous award. Feel free to grab our post and use it on your page, as long as you give us credit back. We also encourage you to pick 5 bloggers and award them…you know who your addicted buddies are! Lets make the BA Group huge.


  1. I am so guilty on the comments one. I live for comments !

  2. Hilarious! I've been without a computer for nearly a month and going WILD over the fact I have neglected my blog! LOL

  3. Tag you are it. You have been tagged. I would love it if you would join me in this game. The rules can be found at my blog.