December 29, 2008

When Your Child Has To Get A Shat...

No, that's not a typo. The nurse spelled out S-H-A-T-S when discussing if DD was up to date on all her shots. I thought the shats is what happened to you when you drank the water in Mexico. Well I didn't think DD needed any shots but I guess I forgot about one of the HEP vaccines that she needed. I felt bad because I felt like I lied to DD that the Dr. was just going to check how big she was getting (by the way she's 39 inches and 34 pounds at 3 years old). Your child getting shots as an older kid is much harder I discovered today. When they're an infant you know the shot hurts and you have to handle them crying. But when your 3 year old gets a shot, you suddenly hear crying, along with "that hurts me!". Totally didn't see that one coming. DD was a champ and was all better after a sucker and watching the train in the lobby. 

Here is a dirty secret of mine though, I recall when DD was a baby that after the shots was a great time because she would actually take longer than a 30 minute nap. I know, I know, I'm horrible, but it was a mini vacation for me during the time of getting up 15 times a night.

Guess a train and a sucker will cure a case of the shats every time, DH needs to keep that in mind next time he's in the Philippines. 

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