September 20, 2011

My Car Is As Neurotic As I Am

Yes you read that title correctly, my car is neurotic. My fancy (not so schmancy) car has the neat little feature that tells me the tire pressure in each tire. When you have your spare on the car (as I do right now), the spare does not have the sensor on it. This small detail wreaks havoc on my car's little mind. It goes something like this: turn on car, car tells me "check TMP system"--and has exclamation point (my car does not realize it does not need to yell), the system tells me all the pressures in the tires, except for the spare, which tells me is --. I ignore the warning because I know what's going on. The exclamation point begins to flash because at this point my neurotic car apparently thinks I am driving down the car without a tire on. It's probably saying "hello lady, you're driving with no tire on, this is EXTREMELY dangerous. Please stop and place said tire on me." So I keep driving because contrary to my car's belief, there is a tire on the car and all is ok. About 5 minutes later the exclamation point goes away. I figure at this point my car is saying "fine, you don't want to listen to me? Drive me completely ignoring any safety concerns. Whatever is about to happen is not my fault and I completely wash my hands of this situation. You're on your own. P.S. Oh if we somehow survive this no-tire apocalypse, please clean me." I figure I have completely pissed my car off and it will probably find some way of retaliating against me.

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