September 8, 2010

Review of Tummy Zyme

My daughter has been complaining about her stomach hurting for so long I've lost track. I've tried Mylicon drops, pepto for kids, and just about anything else over the counter that I could give her for her age or that her pedi recommend I try. I got tired of hearing my poor child crying because her stomach hurt so bad with gas to the point where when I would rub it, I would feel the gas bubbles. On an off chance I went to the health food store to see what they would have that is natural and would ease her tummy woes. I decided to try the Tummy Zyme chewables. She began taking them on Friday (and that was only one pill since we were traveling) and then began taking the suggested 3 a day, one with each meal. I have been able to tell a huge difference. No more waking up in the middle of the night with a tummy that was hurting. Sometimes she does really good about taking her "vitamin" as I tell her, other times I have to coax her a little bit but she still takes them. These are great and I would suggest them to anyone trying to comfort their little one's tummy. The suggested age for these is 4-12.

Nature's Plus Animal Parade Tummy Zyme™ Description

  • Animal Parade Children's Chewable Tummy Zyme™
  • With Active Enzymes, Whole Foods and Probiotics
  • Digestive Aid Dietary Supplement
  • Vegetarian - Gluten Free
  • Natural Tropical Fruit Flavor
  • 90 Animals
Animal Parade® Tummy Zyme™ Children’s Chewable is the complete natural digestive enzyme supplement kids love. With a delightful tropical fruit flavor, each fun, animal-shaped chewable tablet contains highly active food enzymes that help digest and liberate proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Powerful, yet gentle to the stomach, these digestive enzymes help to ensure that the wholesome nutrients in foods reach children’s growing tissues, improving health and digestive comfort.

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